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Invited architectural competition

for the New ACT Student Center (N.A.S.C.)

Anatolia College _ Thessaloniki _ Greece_2017

Architectural design: 40.22.Architects

Architects: E. Disli, A. Papadopoulou, V. Tsakalidou

Collaborating architect : P. Petridis

Collaborating students of architecture:

M. Georgiou, A. Giagkou, V. Kasviki, T. Lyberi, C. Pantelidou

Structural consultants: D. Aggelou, G. Sourlas

MEP consultants: EDMC – K. Kapesidis, N. Mertzios

Environmental design consultant: A. Hatzidimitriou

Organizer: ACT

Location: Thessaloniki, Greece

Design: 2017

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