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"We sense architecture as a seductive process of creation. This design process is a laborious experimentation, with particularities, that demands discipline and devotion, coordination and planning. The design process path, from the beginning to its end, is not linear. Constantly nourished by stimuli, branching out and looping, it takes us back and then forth again. We understand this path as an acrobatic adventure which overwhelms us and urges us to cross it again and again, push the boundaries further and further."


40.22.Architects is an architectural studio based in Thessaloniki, Greece [40°37′54″n/22°56′53″e] founded by Anastasia Papadopoulou and Vanessa Tsakalidou in 2009. Eleftheria Disli joined the studio in 2016. ‘40.22.’ is an intentional indicator for ‘coordinated architecture’, which refers to the unique definition of a place in space (geographical and mathematical), as well as the coordinating process of an architectural narration, a story to be told.

Sharing the belief that each project is designed in a specific place, for a specific purpose, for a specific client, in a specific period of time, 4022architects attempt to respond to the problem that rises from these simple facts with a unified, precise and critical way of thinking. Using a wide range of tools and techniques (both traditional and computational), 40.22. search for the simple unified concept, which transforms the problem into a virtue. Each narration –ranging in scale or complexity and swaying through the fields of architecture, design, landscape and art, begins by ‘reading’ the context, by comprehending and bringing out its uniqueness. Place, time, program and people are interlaced in an open field of experimentation, generating dynamic, osmotic, hybrid, but at the same time, familiar, sustainable, functional and adaptive scapes. The holistic approach which combines innovation with socio-economic, perceptual and ecological aspects, the quest of meaning in each project, as well as the persistence which lies beneath the implementation of the concept, forms their overall identity.

40.22.’s work -ranging from public spaces, private and public buildings, to interior, exhibition design and art installations- has received important awards and distinctions, including International Iconic Award 2013, in the category ‘concept-urban planning’ by the German Design Council, 1st prize in the architectural competition ‘Redesigning the Balkan Square’, 2nd prize [one of three equals] in the 2-stages architectural competition for ‘Redesigning Patras Seafront’, 2nd prize in the architectural competition ‘Reclamation of the former lignite mining area in West Macedonia, 3rd prize in the architectural competition for the ‘Reclamation of former Papafi Stables’, honourable mention in the international architectural competition ‘Municipal Market in Larnaca’, mentions in the architecture competitions for the ‘Redesign of Eroon Polytechniou and Ethnikis Antistaseos Squares in Trikala’ and the ‘Redesign of former Loumaki Camp in Karditsa’, Distinction in the Redesign of N. Michaniona Upper Seafront’, Special award 2017 by the Serbian Acadmy of Arts, Commendation for the best project 2013-2017 by DOMa 2018 etc. Their research in theory and practice has been presented in 62 conferences and lectures, 57 exhibitions as well as more than 100 greek and international publications, magazines, catalogues and websites (15th International architectural exhibition La Biennale di Venezia, 7th Landscape Architectural Exhibition – Belgrade, 8th International Exhibition – Academy of Sciences and Arts – Serbia, Hellenic Institute of Architecture, 3rd-7th Biennale of Young Greek Architects, Greek Architecture Panorama–DOMES, Europan5 award exhibition, 4th-5th Greek Exhibition of Architectural Work, ‘Thessaloniki 1912-2012’- 100 years of architecture).

40.22.architects are shortlisted for jury in greek architectural competitions. They are members members of scientific and organizing committees [consulting team for the Municipality of Thessaloniki on ‘Environment and green infrastructure of the city’ 2014-2017, Architectural Committee Technical Chamber of Greece 2018-2020], as well as members of ΤCA, SADAS and the Hellenic Institute of Architecture. Since 2014 they have founded the interdisciplinary research group 'Akalyptos SKG' and have participated in several research programs of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.




Anastasia Papadopoulou

Anastasia graduated from the School of Architecture of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She holds a PhD and a Master's degree in Landscape Architecture from AUTh. Along with her professional engagement, she completes her studies at the Department of Visual and Applied Arts of AUTh.

Since 2005, she teaches as a research associate at the Postgraduate Program 'Landscape Architecture' of the AUTh, focusing on landscape design, urban outdoor spaces, landscape design techniques, landscape restoration, as well as urban and urban planning, while participating also in the administrative support, the design and editing of books and publications, workshops, conferences, exhibitions etc. She was an adjunct lecturer at the University of Ioannina  and the School of Architecture AUTh.

Since 2019, she is Vice President of Educational Affairs of the Panhellenic Association of Landscape Architects. She participates in the organization, processing and dissemination of the association's activities and collaborates with the country's educational institutions that have study programs in Landscape Architecture (AUTh and AUA), with the aim of contributing to the improvement of the conditions for practicing the profession in the field of education and research.

Vanessa Tsakalidou

Vanessa graduated from the School of Architecture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki with honours, having attended 6 months at the I.U.A.V. She holds a PhD in architectural design from AUTh and a Masters in architectural design from the Bartlett, UCL. Her PhD thesis was supported by EU research scholarship ‘Heraclitus’.

She is Associate Professor at the School of Architecture AUTh since 2018, teaching architectural design and theory since 2006. She is Director of the Postgraduate Programme ‘Environmental Architectural and Urban Design’. She is ECTS Coordinator for the Erasmus+ programme, School of Architecture AUTh.

She was senior editor of annual review ‘KTIRIO _ Architecture + Design’, guest editor for international review ‘Architecture in Greece’ and co-author in ‘Modernism and architectural education’,, ‘Memory-Museum-City’, ‘Symbols and Iconic Ruins’ etc. Since 2009, she is the National Selector for Greece, for the International Piranesi Award, organized annually by ‘Piran Days of Architecture’ in Slovenia.

Εleftheria Disli

Eleftheria graduated from the School of Architecture, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.  She holds a Masters of Science in Protection, Conservation & Restoration of Cultural Monuments from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She has many years of experience in architectural studies of public works and holds a professional engineering license [C’ Degree] in architectural design studies of buildings and special architectural design studies (interior and exterior spaces, restoration of monuments, preservation of traditional buildings, settlements and landscape).

2009 – today associates:

Eva Paschalaki

Maria - Elpida Keridou

Alexandros Bantogias

Andreas Giagkou

Vaso Kasviki

Pantelis Petridis

Christina Pantelidou

Theodora Lymberi

Maria Georgiou


Thodoris Kyttas

Stefanos Skarlakidis

Anastasia Kallou

Angelos Siampakoulis

Stella Rossikopoulou-Pappa

Fanos Katsaris

Eirini Krasaki

Maria Avramidou

Elena Boutsivari

Stavros Apotsos

Stathis Stylidis

Stratis Georgiou

Kyriakos Olympios

Alexandra Niaka

Eleni Koubli



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